Mega Liposuction

Mega Liposuction is an effective weight loss treatment for overweight patients. It is a liposuction procedure with minimal scarring and rapid recovery time.

Why Mega Liposuction?

Mega Liposuction is an effective weight loss treatment for overweight patients. Not only is there an immediate reduction in weight, but this treatment can also help the patient kick-start a healthy lifestyle, an exercise program, a healthy diet, and can lead to a reduction in overall appetite.

The Procedure

Vaser Liposuction uses an ultrasound probe to melt the fat and tighten the skin to deliver a smooth natural result.

The liposuction procedure is performed under twilight sedation. General anaesthetic is an option.

Post Surgery

Light duties can be resumed the next day after surgery. We generally require you to take 1 week off work.

Compression garment to be worn for 6 weeks post the cosmetic surgery. Lymphatic Drainage massages for 2 weeks post surgery.

The Results

Up to 15 litres of fat can be removed with Mega Liposuction. If you put weight on, your fat will be more evenly distributed around the body.  Results generally seen at 6 weeks and in some cases up to 6 months.*

For more information see Fat Facts After Liposuction

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient

Quick Facts

  • Mega Liposuction can lead to a drop in your appetite by reducing certain hormone levels.
  • This type of cosmetic procedure does not require any major invasive surgical procedures.
  • Performed under conscious sedation, general anaesthetic is an option (upon request).
  • Depending on the amount of fat that requires removal, more than 1 session could be needed.

Procedure Facts

Minimally Invasive
Costs Start From $6,600
Results Seen At 6 Weeks

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