The Cosmos School of Liposuction | Liposuction Training Courses

Interested In Joining The Cosmos Clinic Team?

If you are interested in joining one of Australia’s leading clinic working alongside some of the most well-renowned cosmetic surgeons and nurses, please send in your details and CV to George Ajaka. (Contact Details Below)

In conjunction with our friends at Impromed, Cosmos Clinic is proud to announce The Cosmos School of Liposuction.

Liposuction is becoming more than just a weight loss or body sculpting procedure. The evolution of Regenerative Medicine requires fat to be extracted from the body in order to gain access to the body’s stem cells before re-injecting them into the treated area.

While Cosmos Clinic does not undertake Regenerative Medicine, Impromed focuses on product offerings that assist in improving people’s lives and speeding up healing and recovery with minimal inconvenience and distraction of everyday life activities. In order to assist Impromed in achieving this goal, Cosmos Clinic now offers liposuction training courses, providing:

  • detailed set of course notes;
  • viewing of a real liposuction case; and
  • the necessary equipment to undertake Regenerative Medicine.

If your a doctor interested in further exploring your options in Regenerative Medicine or want a better understanding of liposuction, this is the ideal course for you.

For further information please contact:

George Ajaka                                                                              Jonas Ek
Director | Cosmos Clinic                                                             General Manager | Impromed
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