Why Choose Cosmos Clinic

Are you considering Liposuction or any other cosmetic procedures, but can’t find a reputable clinic in your area?  We have the answer. At Cosmos Clinic, our friendly staff can assist you in your travel and accommodation requirements, making travelling to one of our clinics a breeze.

Our doctors are the most experienced in the area of Liposuction, performing over 8,000 Liposuction procedures, meaning you are in good hands. Cosmos Clinic was one of the first clinics in Australia to deliver the latest technological development in Liposuction. This procedure, known as Vaser Liposuction, is a much gentler and less invasive method than the traditional liposuction methods.  Given our experience and record of accomplishment, this technique has been perfected by our Doctors and you will be left with more consistent and enhanced results.

As this procedure does not require a general anaesthetic, the risks of complications are lower, increasing patient comfort, safety and recovery. The majority of patients go home on the same day as the procedure and are able to attend work within 3 days.

Vaser Liposuction is a highly accurate form of liposculpture, providing smooth results with fast recovery.

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For a highly sculpted and athletic shape, Vaser Hi-Definition Liposuction can give you a chiselled, ripped look.

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An alternative to abdominoplasty to reduce fat and tighten loose skin after pregnancy.

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For overweight patients to remove large amounts of fat up to ten litres using Vaser Liposuction.

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Interstate Patients

If you are living in Darwin there is no need to come to the clinic for your initial consultation. Rather first, contact the clinic via phone or email, to arrange a consultation to be done over the phone. So that the Doctor can get a more accurate idea of your concerns, we request that you send pictures of your problem area(s). We can then determine the best treatment for you inline with your expectations and provide you with a quote.

Either the day before or on the morning of your procedure (depending on your arrival date) we will ask you to come into the clinic for a final consultation and answer any last questions you may have.

Directly after your procedure, you will be in our recovery rooms where our nurses will monitor you until you are ready to leave. On approval of our doctors, we will notify the carer who has come with you (if you have one) that you can be picked up. Regardless, one of our nurses will accommodate you back to your chosen accommodation.

On the morning following your procedure, we request that you come back into our clinic for a general follow-up to see how you are feeling. We will continue to follow-up on your progress by phone and email and encourage that you also advise us on how you are recovering.

Travel Arrangements

Darwin airport is located 13km from the city centre and is approximately a 20-minute drive. An airport shuttle exists between the city centre and the airport.

All terminals are easily accessible by many transport options.  It is advisable to arrive three hours prior to international flights and one hour prior to domestic flights.

There are a number of airlines that service this route including: Virgin Australia,  Qantas and Jetstar.