Thigh Lift

Thigh lift

  • What is a Thigh Lift?
    • A thigh lift targets the fat surrounding the inner thigh and also reduces sagging skin. A thigh lift is good choice of procedure for eliminating large amounts of fat where excessive sagging skin would still result if only liposuction were to be used.

  • The Procedure. What does it involve?
    • Performed under general anaesthetic sedation, an incision is made at the intersection of the thigh and pubic area. A wedge of skin and fat is removed and then the skin is tightened. The whole procedure takes around 2 hours. The results are improved leg contour and enhanced skin elasticity.

      Thigh Lift Scar 2

      Diagram of a Scar left after a Thigh Lift

  • Will a Thigh Lift leave any noticeable scars?
    • Like any surgical procedure, incision lines are always required. They are however, hidden in relatively inconspicuous locations. Silicon gels can be used with great success to help healing and reduce any long-lasting marks. The benefits of a thigh lift generally outweigh this small cost for most patients.

  • What can I expect after the procedure?
    • Patient recovery can vary from anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks depending of your daily level of physical activity. Lifting heavy objects and strenuous activities will prolong recovery. Showering is possible after surgery and compression garments are required for two weeks after the procedure to assist in the healing process and reduces the possibility of fluid build-up. We encourage a friend or family member to pick you up after the procedure due to the effects of sedation and discomfort of surgery (*Results may vary from patient to patient).

  • Are there any risks of complications?
    • All surgeries have risk associated with them. As with any procedure, being as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally, will aid in the reduction of any risks.

      Most common risks with surgical incisions are:

      • Keloid Development – where the scar “overgrows” the original scar;
      • Hypertrophic Scarring – the body overproduces collagen and causes the scar to be raised above & around the surrounding skin;
      • Opening of a section of the wound;
      • Haematoma – collection of blood localised under the skin;
      • Fluid build-up under the wound;
      • Infection; and
      • Incision taking longer to heal.
  • Who are the best candidates for a Thigh Lift?
    • The best candidates are people with large areas of fat or excessive saggy skin that do not respond to exercise and Vaser Liposuctionliposuction may not be as effective. Good candidates for a thigh lift must have realistic expectations with their results. A thigh lift can enhance your appearance and confidence however, it may not create your “perfect body” image. It’s important to carefully consider your expectations and discuss them with our surgeon before proceeding.

  • Which clinics can I undertake the procedure?
    • Dr. Choy operates out of Sydney & Coffs Harbour. please contact Cosmos Clinic for more details.

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