What does EVL mean? | Sydney, Gold Coast, Canberra & Adelaide

What does EVL mean?

EVL is an acronym that stands for Expansion Vibration Lipofilling. It is a new, advanced technique of fat grafting that occurs during our Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.

Simply put, fat grafting is the process of performing Vaser Liposuction to areas of the body where unwanted fat is present. These fat cells are then removed and transferred into the buttocks to augment or enhance its shape and size.

EVL refers a technique of fat grafting that involves expanding the tissue before reinjecting the fat. The technique basically inflates the recipient’s tissue while fat is being injected into the bottom to guarantee a more successful graft.

This EVL BBL technique is very important for THREE reasons – the 3 S’s.

[1] Safe – The EVL technique requires no injection into the muscle making it the safest fat transfer technique available. EVL helps to increase the take-rate of the fat transfer and it improves the likelihood of the fat grafting, growing and persisting.

[2] Smooth – To allow for a more even distribution of the fat cells

[3] Size – To allow a higher volume of fat to be transferred into the buttocks – because space is created using this intra-operative expansion technique.

At Cosmos Clinic, we feel that the use of the EVL technique overall enhances the results and safety of our fat grafting procedures and our Brazilian Butt Lifts.