Which areas can be treated with Vaser Liposuction?

Which areas can be treated with Vaser Liposuction?


The abdomen can be divided into the upper tummy (the area from below the ribs to the belly button) and the lower tummy area (between the belly button and bikini line). Vaser Liposuction can be performed on one or both areas at the same time. Incision sites in these areas are placed discreetly in the belly button and near the bikini line. Vaser Liposuction promotes good skin retraction in most cases; however, some patients may need a tummy tuck if they have significantly saggy skin. Our doctors will advise accordingly on the treatment options best suited to you in consultation.

Flanks (Love Handles)

Flanks, commonly known as love handles, sit above the hip bone area and are a frequent concern for patients. They can hang over your jeans and increase the width of your waist line. Incisions are hidden within your underwear area.

Inner & Outer Thighs and Knees

Attractive legs are desired by many, although slender, proportionate thighs are not something everyone is genetically blessed with. Fat can be unevenly distributed throughout the inner and outer thighs, causing discomfort. For example, chafing of the skin can occur from the constant friction of inner thighs rubbing against each other. This can lead to the development of sores and even infection.

Front of Thighs

The front of the thigh is a difficult area to treat. The best candidates are people with toned skin and mostly fat in the area. Often people confuse bulky muscle in this area for fat.


Removing stubborn fat from the arms can give a slimmer and more proportioned appearance to the body, especially in women. Fat tends to be in and around the triceps (i.e the back of arms) and laterals (i.e. the side of the arms).


Fat distribution on the back can be divided into several areas namely the upper back (above the bra line), and lower back or area below the bra line. These areas are difficult to shift despite exercise and can be challenging for the surgeon to treat due to the fibrous nature of the fat. Vaser turns the fibrous fat to a ‘buttery’ consistency, allowing easy suctioning and subsequently, creating a desirable ‘V’ shaped back.

Female Breasts

Large breasts can cause discomfort, back aches, difficulty with exercise and they can make a woman self-conscious. A Breast Reduction not only removes the excess fat in this area, but it can also create a lift (for a more youthful, well-proportioned appearance). While most women can benefit from this minimally invasive procedure, a consultation with one of our experienced doctors will determine if this treatment or traditional Breast Reduction surgery is more suitable for you.

Male Breasts (aka Man Boobs)

Man boobs can cause anxiety for many men. It is caused by excessive development of breast tissue with or without extra fat tissue. Usually genetically predetermined, man boobs can’t be treated with exercise. Vaser Liposuction gently removes the fat in this area and removes the gland. Further sculpting on the chest can also be done after treating man boobs.

Face & Cheeks

Some people, especially of Asian descent, are genetically predisposed to facial fat. This can give them a “chipmunk” appearance (even if the person is slim). Vaser Liposuction can sculpt the face; giving a more toned appearance. It can be combined with Neck Lift Liposuction for a more youthful look.

Jaw & Neck Line

Fat deposits in the jawline, jowls and neck area can occur genetically and tend to exacerbate with age. This gives rise to a wattle neck and leads to a “wattle” aged appearance – especially when coupled with sagging and wrinkled skin. Vaser Liposuction is one of the safest and most effective methods of removing fat from the jowls and neck area.

Buttocks & Banana Roll

Having a well-proportioned behind is something many people desire. This is often unrealised with the position of fat causing a droopy buttock or “banana rolls”. This appears in the area between the curve of the buttock and start of the thighs. While a smaller buttock is achievable with liposuction, a beautiful well proportioned behind is something that requires skill and artistic flair on the surgeon’s behalf. Vaser Liposuction, when in experienced hands, can provide smooth and symmetric results.