The procedure. What does it involve? | Sydney, Gold Coast, Canberra & Adelaide

The procedure. What does it involve?

Anti Wrinkle Injections require five to ten tiny injections per area with a very fine needle. No local anaesthetic cream is needed, although a very mild discomfort may be experienced. Unlike Anti-wrinkle Injections given at skin clinics, our medical professionals use cold packs and preserved saline to reduce the mild discomfort. You are encouraged to move the muscles in the treated area in the first few hours after the treatment. This will increase the action and onset of the Anti Wrinkle Injections. You may develop some bruising which will subside. Other side effects are rare. As there is no downtime, patients can resume normal activities the same day. Vigorous rubbing of the injected areas should be avoided for at least eight hours. Contrary to what was formerly thought, the position of the patient during or after properly performed preparation or injection of Anti Wrinkle Injections does not influence the area or intensity of the effect.