Neck Bands

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The Procedure

These platysmal bands are treated using Muscle Relaxant Injections. Can be combined with treating the jawline to improve saggy jowls, known as Nefertiti Lift. Minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Results seen within 3 – 5 days, with full effects within 2 weeks. Costs vary between $200 and $600.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

Neck Bands Costs

Neck Bands treatment prices vary depending on your overall situation and expectations.  As a guide:

Up To 30 Minutes
Costs Between $200 - $600
Results Seen Within 2 Weeks

*Results may vary from patient to patient.
**All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.

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Top Neck Bands Questions

What are Neck Bands?

Neck bands appear as a result of over-active neck muscles (the platysma). The over-active neck bands pull the jaw down and create the dreaded saggy jowl. To achieve skin tightening and less protrusion in this area, a non surgical procedure is required. This being the use of Muscles Relaxant Injections (also know as Anti-Wrinkle Injections) to minimise the muscle size and the amount of wrinkling. It is important to note that a saggy jowl can also be caused by loose skin and droopy fat pads in the face.

The Procedure. What does it involve?

The procedure is very simple, and there is minimal discomfort and no downtime. A series of tiny injections, are made in the necks muscles to achieve optimal neck rejuvenation. The injections contain a Muscle Relaxant that is effective in treating this problem area. Treating these vertical bands can also be combined with treating the jaw line (a procedure known as the Nefertiti Lift). This will improve the appearance of the jowls and remove any unsightly neck bands. For this treatment, we can use Dermal Fillers (made up on hyaluronic acid) to mimic a surgical jowl lift.

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