Chubby Cheeks

Quick facts

Chubby Cheeks is a physical trait characterised by the presence of excess face fat. They can be reduced in size via surgical means to achieve a slimmer face shape and to mimic the appearance of weight loss.

  • Chubby Cheeks are treated with Vaser Liposuction

  • It is a quick procedure performed under mild sedation

  • Reduction of the jaw line muscle can be performed using muscle relaxant injections to additionally slim the face

  • Costs for Vaser Liposuction starts from $4,000

  • *Disclaimer – results may vary from patient to patient

Minimally Invasive

Costs start from $4,000

Results seen at 6 weeks

Before and after

*Results may vary from patient to patient

Vaser Liposuction | Chubby Cheeks


Chubby Cheeks treatment prices vary depending on your overall situation and expectations.

As a guide:

  • Vaser Liposuction price starts from $4,000
  • Initial consultation is between $150 - $220


  • What are Chubby Cheeks?
    • Chubby Cheeks is a physical trait that can make a person with a slim physique seem bigger than they really are. It can give some the appearance of having overly large cheekbones, a double chin, and can even mimic the appearance of facial bloating. This frustrating characteristic can prevent people from smiling out of embarrassment, and can significantly affect their self confidence.

      Chubby cheeks are a stubborn area to slim. Even with facial exercises, a healthy diet (eating healthier and fewer calories), facial massages and the reduction of water retention, it can still be difficult lose face fat. Cheeks (as an area) can be resistant to diet and exercise; therefore, surgical intervention may need to be taken. This can be done via Vaser Liposuction to remove the excessive fat cells in this area.

  • What causes Chubby Cheeks?
    • Chubby Cheeks can be caused by genetics or ageing. An excessive number of fat cells in the cheek area can produce the appearance of a fuller, round face.


      Having excess body fat, and being physically large, can also exaggerate the appearance of chubby cheeks.

  • The Procedure. What does it involve?
    • Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasound technology to melt fat cells in the cheeks before they are suctioned and permanently removed. It melts fat and heats up collagen to assist in tightening the skin. Vaser Liposuction is performed under twilight sedation. Recovery is relatively quick.

  • Where can I find out more about Vaser Liposuction?
    • You can read more about Vaser Liposuction on our website here

  • My fat seems to be deposited at each end of my jawline. Can this be treated?
    • You may be referring to your facial muscles know as the masseters.

      Like any other muscle in the body, when overused, it can grow bigger. Treating the masseters can be referred to as Jaw Line Contouring. This treatment just uses Muscle Relaxing Injections to achieve slimmed cheeks and a chiseled jawline. It is an effective treatment in relaxing the muscle that causes a larger face. This non-invasive treatment can reduce the muscle’s size to create a more slimmed appearance.

  • Chubby Cheek Treatment Locations
    • Your initial Chubby Cheeks consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Australia – be it Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or the Gold Coast.

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