Meet Dr Rui Feitosa

Looking for a cosmetic surgeon with vast international experience?

IMG_8767Dr. Rui Feitosa is a cosmetic surgeon with a delicate touch and a sharp eye for detail. He graduated from the prestigious University of Sao Paulo,  Brazil, and his passion for surgery saw him complete the tough general surgery residency program.

Shortly after becoming a general surgeon, Dr. Feitosa wanted a sea change, and moved to Australia. Since arriving in Australia, Dr. Feitosa has gained invaluable experiences in a wide spectrum of surgical disciplines, in various hospitals throughout NSW, before deciding to pursue a career in Cosmetic Surgery.

Since then, he has been trained at the Cosmos Clinic, specialising in the Vaser Liposculpture and iGuide Neck Lifts. He has a vision for symmetry and a gentle touch, uncommon even amongst cosmetic surgeons.

Apart from his patients, research is one area Dr. Feitosa has a great passion in. He has published numerous academic research papers, and has presented at both national and international conferences. With a strong emphasis on education, Dr Feitosa pursued his passion for cosmetic surgery in Brazil  and at Cosmos Clinic over the last two years.

Patients find Dr. Feitosa to be easy-going and caring, with a great sense of humour.