Vaser Hi Definition Liposuction

Even people who train hard at the gym and live a healthy lifestyle, still come in to the clinic with 2 popular concerns:

  1. The tummy has a small amount of fat that simply would not disappear no matter how much the patient dieted or trained; and
  2. the chest does not have the shape/definition the patient wants.

Ultimately the above concerns are sometimes due to genetics and not diet and exercise. Simply, some patients are not blessed with the genetics that the Brad Pitt’s of the world have.

The Procedure

Standard Vaser Liposuction can sometimes not achieve the desired result in this case, given there is only a small amount of fat in the chest andP - Abs tummy area. However Vaser Hi Definition Liposuction is a style of technique utilising Vaser technology, where the doctors are able to accurately sculpt muscle definition by pin pointing the areas of fat between the muscle.

The Result

After only 8 weeks, patients can expect to have achieved their desired definition around his abdominal and chest. Further to this, Cosmos doctors were able to achieve definition around his lats and arms.

The abs look phenomenal.