Patient Experiences – real patients, real treatments, real results.

At Cosmos, we treat a wide range of patients across various treatments. Each has their own story to tell. Reasons for doing it, goals and life post treatment.

Every person has a different reason for undertaking a cosmetic procedure. For some it has been on their mind for a long time; for others its an impulse decision due to the way they look in the mirror. Cosmetic surgery can be a daunting thing; costs, pain, downtime and most importantly privacy.

These issues are very hard to address and overcome. This said once your initial consultation is completed, you will find it much easier than anticipated.  If you would like to view our profile visit these independent sites.

RealSelf-LOGO Our patients favourite and the world’s largest independent site to visit for detailed first hand accounts of cosmetic procedures. Real patients post day to day or week to week about their experience, along with progress photos and open discussions about the do’s and don’t’s of the procedure.

Real patients, real treatments, real results.

*Please note results will vary from patient to patient.