Thinking of visiting Cosmos Clinic in Adelaide, Australia for a non-surgical nose job?

Beyond enquiring about what’s involved in the cosmetic surgery procedure and the safety of dermal fillers, one of the first things new patients ask when considering a non-surgical rhinoplasty is what can it actually do? Can dermal fillers correct a bump, straighten up my profile or fix my breathing?

The best way to understand what a cosmetic procedure can achieve is with an initial consultation with your chosen cosmetic surgery team. However, we want to outline the basics of what a non-surgical nose job can and can’t do to help you determine if it is a suitable treatment for you.

What a non-surgical nose job can achieve?

A non-surgical nose job uses dermal fillers to correct cosmetic concerns regarding your nose. The cosmetic procedure can effectively provide balance to your face and enhance your natural beauty. Our Cosmos Clinics, including Adelaide, use a natural complex sugar (hyaluronic acid) dermal fillers of high quality. These cosmetic injections naturally dissolve so you are not left with a foreign substance or object in your body.

A non-surgical nose job can deliver immediate results with no downtime, minor pain and minimal side effects. As a non-invasive procedure, the injectable rhinoplasty does have its limitations when compared with plastic surgery, but it can be effective at correcting cosmetic abnormalities and in turn, increasing your self-confidence.

A non-surgical nose job can:

  • Crooked nose: a slightly off-centred or crooked nose can be made straighter and symmetrical
  • Bumps on the nose bridge: bumps and lumps can be camouflaged with dermal fillers to create a smooth, straight profile
  • Size of the nose: the appearance of your nose size can be refined in comparison with your other facial features
  • Flat bridge: dermal filler injectables can help lift your nose bridge by creating a subtle increase in height
  • Broad nose: a broad nose can appear smaller and narrower with dermal filler contouring
  • Droopy tip: the tip shape can be subtly lifted to create a more defined and feminine shape
  • Surgical imperfections: irregularities after a surgical procedure to the nose can be softened and smoothed

What a non-surgical nose job can’t achieve?

A non-surgical nose job while effective at correcting cosmetic concerns, it can’t correct functional or structural issues like traditional rhinoplasty. Using dermal fillers, the procedure is all about sculpting and contouring the nose to enhance its appearance. Nose plastic surgery on the other hand permanently alters the shape and size of the nose.

A non-surgical nose job can’t:

  • Permanently change the appearance of your nose
  • Remove volume from the nose to make it narrower
  • Reduce the projection of the nose
  • Correct structural abnormalities as a result of a broken nose
  • Improve nasal breathing

If these are your concerns, you may be better suited to traditional rhinoplasty. Surgical nose reshaping is offered by Cosmos Clinic in Sydney or Coffs Harbour, Australia with the procedure carried out by specialist Dr Ellis Choy.