Is There Really a Limit to the Age Where You Can Look Good?

For many people as they age, the face in the mirror begins to become unrecognizable from the face that was there a few years before. That can be a difficult thing to encounter, even though aging really is part of the natural cycle of life. With modern medical techniques, there are options of cosmetic surgery that can help someone be able to regain at least a glimpse of what that face in the mirror used to look like, even though it has advanced a few years. Because of this, an internal ethical question must be answered by those who feel like the face in the mirror that is staring back at them is a little older than it should be: am I too old for cosmetic surgery?

You Really Are Never Too Old For Cosmetic Surgery

 As long as you are in reasonably good health, the good news is that you really are never too old for cosmetic surgery. In fact, in 2010,  almost 85,000 cosmetic procedures were done on individuals who were aged 65 or over. These cosmetic procedures, which ranged from anti wrinkle injections and other dermal fillers to breast lifts and even implants, were almost all done for two very specific reasons:

1) They wanted to look and feel good themselves

2) They wanted their children to be proud of the way they looked as they were ageing.

Cosmetic surgery risks these days has significantly reduced due to advancements in technology and minimally invasive procedures.  As long as you do not have any serious health complications that could prevent your body from adequately healing from a cosmetic procedure, the sky really is the limit in terms of age for doing something about the face in the mirror staring back at you right now.

Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t All About the Vanity of Looking Better

One of the primary reasons why people over the age of 65 are getting cosmetic surgery done is because they want to look the way they feel. The concept is that when you look the way you feel, then you can still be an active and integral part of society. Not only are people living longer, but they are working longer and still get to enjoy a lengthy retirement time.

Besides matching up the physical appearance with the psychological one, part of the reason why some people get the facelifts, the Anti Wrinkle injections, and everything else that can be done in modern cosmetic surgery is simply because they can.  The attitude is not one of being cavalier, but just full practicality.

Though there are some who would perceive this as sheer vanity, the truth of the matter is that it’s more of practicality than anything else. If you look old, you will feel old, and when you feel old and you’re over the age of 65, then many people feel like they are on the fast track to the grave. They don’t want that and instead want to be able to dance at their grandkid’s or even their great-grandkid’s wedding. To accomplish that, they need to not feel old on an almost subconscious level. Cosmetic surgery can help to bring that about.

So  if you think you’re old, then you are old. If you don’t think you’re old, then you are not. And with the resources to make a cosmetic procedure happen if they choose to do so, many of these “young” old people are choosing to try to look more like the age they feel they are instead of the age they are.