Winter is traditionally the time to rug up and eat delicious comfort food.  It’s often a time where our early morning workouts get the flick as we hide under the covers in bed for as long as possible. After all, gaining a ‘winter coat’ during the chilly season is all part of our survival, right?

This mentality has lead almost four in ten Australian women, and one in two men to gain up to five kilograms during winter alone1.

While many accept that gaining weight is inevitable as the temperature drops, at Cosmos Clinic we’re finding a steady rise in the number of people undergoing invasive cosmetic treatments, like liposuction, in winter to enhance their appearance. Booking in a cosmetic makeover in the chilly months, gives them adequate time to recover.  After all, summer bodies are made in winter!

5 reasons why winter is the best time for cosmetic surgery

Whether you’re looking for a tighter tummy, a face lift, or larger breasts, undergoing cosmetic surgery during winter offers a few extra benefits than any other time of the year.  These benefits have the potential to aid your recovery, while helping you achieve the best results possible.

1. Cover up, and you’ll get away with it

Even though there are more people willing to talk about what they’ve had done in the way of cosmetic surgery, parading around immediately after the treatment is not highly desirable. This is particularly true in the case of procedures such as liposuction where there will be some bruising and swelling of the treated areas.

Sometimes this takes as long as a month before it subsides and the body gets back to normal.  In the meantime, you can disguise any swelling or unsightly bruising until you’re ready to show off your new figure. Turtlenecks and scarves work a treat in hiding the evidence of a face or neck lift, and baggy sweaters and comfy pants will camouflage any signs of breast augmentation, liposuction, or tummy tuck!

2. Compression garments can be uncomfortable in the heat

Wearing a compression garment after liposuction will play a vital role in the end result of the surgery.  They’ve been designed to reduce swelling by applying pressure and improve the contour of the body’s shape.

However, while we can’t encourage our clients enough to wear the garments, we do know they’re not the most comfortable or flattering.  In the warm-hot weather, the discomfort can increase and the extra layer can cause you to sweat a little more than usual.  One US cosmetic surgery recipient summed it up on an online plastic surgery forum by saying, “Trust me, heat matters a lot! Heat makes you swell, and you don’t need extra swelling after surgery!”

Summer clothing also lends itself to be a little more revealing, and often made of lighter fabric. Some cosmetic surgery recipients may feel self-conscious or worried that their compression garments will show.  Extra layers of clothing worn during winter will help keep them hidden, so only you know what’s underneath.

3. A cleared social calendar = more recovery time

During this time of year, the social calendar of many of our patients is minimal in comparison to their jam packed summer schedule.  Fewer events and family engagements in winter means they have adequate time to rest and recover after their surgery.

Allowing the recommended 6 weeks of recovery and following your surgeon’s instructions post op, will prove rewarding in the end.  Recovery takes time, so if you’re running from one event to another not only will you either have to reveal or disguise your surgery, you’ll jeopardise your results.

Whatever the time of year you decide is the right time to undergo cosmetic surgery, ensure you’ve set aside plenty of downtime post-surgery to recover.

4. Cloudy skies reduce your sun exposure

Cosmetic surgery in winter proves favourable for many in the healing of their skin.  Too much sun exposure, especially that of our harsh Aussie sun, can hinder the mending of the surgery wounds.  Unlike normal skin, scar tissue is less resistant to the sun’s ray and can burn easily.

Consistent exposure to the sun can darken the scars.  Although many of the procedures at our clinic like gynaecomastia and liposuction, have almost non-existent scars, it’s important you care for your skin during the healing stage.  With shorter daylight hours, and less intense ultraviolet rays in winter, it’s the ideal time to have your surgery and reduce your sun exposure.

5. Results take time

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery to look great in a revealing bikini or summer active wear, invasive surgery to enhance your figure should be planned during the cooler months.  Depending on your treatment, you may have great results within days or after several weeks. Considering summer is the time to head to the beach or sit poolside, you’ll want to have your exciting new shape out on show without any signs of bruising or swelling.

Winter is the ideal time to undergo any type of invasive cosmetic surgery not only in regards to your recovery, but it also gives you ample time to get your beach body ready in time for the warm weather.