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What you should know about Sugar when managing weight

What is making us fat: eating the wrong sorts of food or too much food? It’s been the question that has dominated government policy and culture for years, and as nutritional science has evolved new research and theories have been published leaving everyone confused.  Never before have we been so educated on health, the diet […]
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Debunking myths linking sugar to cancer

The notion that sugar can feed cancer cells is a pretty daunting one, particularly when our consumption of sugar in Western countries is at its all-time high.  But can it be that simple? If we ditched the granulated sweet stuff, would that reduce our risk of cancer altogether?
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Paediatrician Dr. Lustig labels sugar a "Toxin" and a "Poison"

Obesity, heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes are all modern health conditions that are crippling our population worldwide. The disease diabetes has now reached epidemic proportions with over 417 million people affected globally. That figure is expected to rise to staggering 642 million by 2040.
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Is Sugar Keeping You Trapped in an Addiction Cycle?

Sugar has become the new food villain; first, it was fat, then carbohydrates and now sugar is in the firing line.  Now researchers are not only saying sugar is bad for you, they are calling for the ‘toxic’ ingredient to be regulated just like alcohol and cigarettes. Sugar, they say, is a drug and those […]