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Cardi B Gets Liposuction as Part of a Mummy Makeover

Singer and rapper Cardi B revealed to her fans she recently had liposuction and breast augmentation as part of a “mummy makeover” after the birth of her daughter Kulture.  Cardi B opened up about her cosmetic surgery during a performance at Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee in May. On her Instagram feed, Cardi B complained of loose skin after pregnancy and […]
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Why Are More Women Opting for Breast Implants Over Age 40?

When you think boob jobs, you often picture the young woman in her mid-20’s with the desire to improve her physical appearance, however, that’s no longer the case. Today, we’re meeting with more and more women over 40 who are considering breast implants and augmentation surgery.

Mummy Makeovers: Getting Your Health & Body Back on Track

One of the greatest accomplishments in a woman’s life is childbirth. The joy of carrying and delivering a healthy baby and raising a child is both challenging and extremely rewarding. Unsurprisingly, the 9 months of carrying a baby and giving birth, either naturally or via C-Section, create some very real changes in your body and not […]
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Here’s why Aussie mums consider Lipo

Having children can be one of the most fulfilling experiences, as you watch your body transform into something miraculous before creating a precious new person to bring into your life.  However, for some women pregnancy can also create feelings of self-consciousness as the skin of the abdomen, breasts and thighs stretch leading to sagging, isolated […]
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Love Your Body

Everyone has a favourite part of their body they love, especially during the best of our years in our late teens and 20s. Our skin is smooth and full in volume and we are leaner with flat stomachs and virtually no cellulite.
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The Pitfalls of a Public “Post Baby Body”

In recent weeks there has been a spate of media attention on the expectations for women to regain their pre-baby body. With her husband at her side, holding her newborn baby and future King of England, Kate Middleton proudly waved to the watching world from the steps of St Mary’s Hospital.
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The Mummy Makeover

While having children can be one of the most rewarding and magical experiences a woman can experience, the stress, hormonal changes, and weight gain associated with pregnancy can take their toll. Increasingly, women are turning to cosmetic medicine to turn back the clock, tone up, and resculpt their bodies after this big life change. But […]