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Feminine Curves Are Here To Stay Says Dr Ajaka

With curvaceous celebrities such a Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian in the spotlight and an increase in inspirational fitness enthusiasts trending on Instagram, cosmetic surgery to enhance curves is more popular than ever. Dr Ajaka told Daily Mail Australia, feminine “curves are definitely in and here to stay”.
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Why your body wants to be fat according to the Gabriel Method

You’re not fat because you eat too much; you’re fat because your body wants you to be. If you’re looking for a truly inspiring weight loss story, this is it.  Jon Gabriel, a successful biochemical researcher, found himself grossly overweight working a stressful job before he decided to commit to improving his health.  Gabriel was […]
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10 Common Fat Triggers From the Gabriel Method

Jon Gabriel has one of the most remarkable weight loss transformations we’ve seen.  Over just 2.5 years, he has lost 103 kilograms and more importantly managed to keep the weight off for over 10 years.  Sharing his weight loss success with us, Jon has developed his own holistic approach to weight loss that steers away […]
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FDA Approves the CoolMini CoolSculpting

Exciting news for the cosmetic industry as last month the FDA gave approval for the latest fat reduction technology, CoolMini.  The CoolMini applicator is used as part of the CoolSculpting procedure, working to treat smaller pockets of fat in areas such as the neck, chin and jawline as well as the armpit and above the […]
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Cosmos Clinic goes to Vegas!

After Jeff Kolster the inventor of VASER® liposuction visited Cosmos Clinic in Double Bay last week to observe Dr Ajaka and Dr Kishida’s work he was very impressed and has personally invited them to join him in Vegas.
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Dr Joseph Ajaka Reveals How To Get The Perfect Butt

In just over a week Dr Joseph Ajaka will be one of the keynote speakers and presenters at the International Fat Grafting Asia Summit. Dr Ajaka has been invited to share his expertise on the topic of fat grafting and buttock augmentations with other surgeons, who are keen to know exactly how Dr Ajaka has […]
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Once You Go Fat, You’ll Never Go Back: Why Fat People Can’t Stop Eating

The traditional view behind weight gain is simple, more calories in and less calories out equals weight gain. We‘ve all heard it, we all try it, but why is it so hard to stick to? Your body is working against you every step o f the way, why? And what is the solution?
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It’s Official

Dr Ajaka has accepted Dr OZ’s invitation to be the first Doctor outside of North America to be part of the Sharecare team of Experts.
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2013 World Congress on Advanced Liposculpture & Body Contouring

If you haven’t heard already from our Facebook page, Dr Joseph Ajaka will be off to New York in October to present at the 2013 World Congress on Advanced Liposculpture & Body Contouring!
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Part 2 of an interview with Dr Joseph Ajaka

Last week we published part 1 of an interview with Dr Joseph Ajaka. Below is the final part of the interview. We hope you enjoy the read.  Dr Oz ShareCare – as the only Australian Doctor on the panel:  what does that mean to you? Inspiring – amazing communicator and I try more to be […]