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Could Intuitive Eating Help Maintain Your Cosmetic Surgery Results?

Cosmetic surgery procedures like Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift are a popular tool to enhance your figure and in the process improve your body image. But, it’s not necessarily a weight loss solution and in fact, your surgery results long-term greatly rely on your ability to maintain healthy eating habits and a regular workout program. It’s […]
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The Reverse Diet: How it Helps to Maintain Weight Loss

Diets that encourage fat loss typically mean deprivation, hunger pains and feelings of envy towards those who are enjoying a tasty, calorie-filled meal. This usually results in a yo-yo dieting pattern because the lifestyle and calorie intake restriction are simply impossible to sustain long-term.  So, imagine a diet that allows you to eat more while still maintaining the weight loss you achieved. Yes, […]

The weight loss myths that could be causing weight gain!

Losing weight can be a challenge. Regardless of how much you have to lose, shedding the kilos requires discipline and total dedication. But with more and more weight loss tips, diets and theories, it seems you also need to be a detective to figure out what’s a myth and what’s backed by science.