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6 Reasons Why More People are Choosing CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting is an innovative and relatively new technology that was developed based on the observation that kids who sucked a lot of popsicles experienced fat loss in the cheeks. It was found that cold temperatures can cause fat cell death. The body then naturally processes the dead fat cells as waste. Coolsculpting machines apply precisely […]
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The Skinny on Fat Freezing: Does Coolsculpting Work? And How to Decide if it’s Right for You

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive body sculpting treatment that removes fat cells beneath the skin through the fat freezing technique known as cryolipolysis. An applicator placed on the skin in the problem area sucks up the fat and freezes it which causes fat cell death without harming the surrounding body tissue. The destroyed fat cells […]
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Does Coolsculpting Work? See Our Best Before & After Pictures

Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat-reduction treatment that has become a very popular body sculpting procedure. Developed by Harvard scientists, Coolsculpting technology works by freezing fat cells which are then naturally eliminated by the body. Celebrities like Kris Jenner, Molly Sims, Debra Messing and Khloe Kardashian have been very open about using Coolsculpting to […]
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What Men Want in Their Cosmetic Surgery

Today more men are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery than ever before, and it’s no surprise why. With advancement in technologies, cosmetic procedures are creating better and more natural looking results than we’ve been able to achieve in the past. Men are more confident their treatments will be subtle and they won’t walk out of […]
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Growing male trend: Grooms having cosmetic surgery before saying ‘I do’

A large focus of any wedding is how the bride looks, the dress, jewellery, hair, makeup, tan, and even in some cases, a little weight loss.  A growing trend has seen a number of grooms getting on board, doing what they can to improve their appearance for the big day. Enter ‘Anti-Wrinkle Injections’, a non-invasive […]
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A New Treatment Designed to Melt Fat

Since its release in June 2015, the demand for fat-dissolving injections has grown quickly. But how does it stack up to existing treatments like CoolSculpting, and is it the ultimate solution to the ‘double chin’ curse? The fat dissolving injection, developed by the pharmaceutical company Allergan, is the latest fat-melting injectable drug to be approved […]
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Weight Issues Linked to Insulin Sensitivity

Have you worked hard to reach your desired weight goal only to find you have entered a plateau trying to conquer the last remaining kilos? Your healthy diet and exercise may not be the only reason why you are struggling to shift that last bit of fat. Insulin sensitivity could be your biggest obstacle. Let’s […]
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FDA Approves the CoolMini CoolSculpting

Exciting news for the cosmetic industry as last month the FDA gave approval for the latest fat reduction technology, CoolMini.  The CoolMini applicator is used as part of the CoolSculpting procedure, working to treat smaller pockets of fat in areas such as the neck, chin and jawline as well as the armpit and above the […]
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What Makes Belly Fat So Stubborn?

Belly fat is one of the most common problems we see at Cosmos Clinic as it appears to be the most stubborn of the fats in the body. For many, belly fat is the first place excess kilos goes and the last place to leave. This can explain why getting rid of excess weight across […]
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Top 6 Fat Busters For Your Problem Areas

If you are struggling to shift that belly bludge or embarrassed about your bingo wings then it might be time to look at how you can lose it with these top 6 fat busters.  Muffin tops and bingo wings together with love handles and the dreaded double chin are some of the most common fat […]