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Three Australian Research Teams Battle To Find Ageing Cure

Jan 17, 2018
BY cosmosclinic
Searching for the fountain of youth has been a quest for many and many have failed. Now, three Australian research teams are racing against the clock and each other to find a treatment to cure the inevitable condition of ageing....
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Secrets to Christie Brinkley’s Youth at...

Nov 17, 2015
BY cosmosclinic
American model and actress Christie Brinkley is looking better than ever at the age of 61.  For 25 years Brinkley was the face of Cover Girl, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and several popular magazines including Men’s Health, Allure and Playboy...
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A Lack of Beauty Sleep Can...

Sep 03, 2015
BY cosmosclinic
For years, we have been told that a lack of sleep affects our memory and cognitive performance. Now here’s more evidence to suggest sleep should be a priority. According to a recent study which explores the facial cues of those...
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Interview with Dr Oz – New...

Sep 24, 2012
BY cosmosclinic
As many of you are well aware, Dr Ajaka of the Cosmos Clinic was bestowed with the honour of being the only doctor outside of North America to be on the recognised and respected Sharecare Panel of Doctors. (more…)