Sora has always had insecurities about the shape of her buttocks, that is until her recent Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) at Cosmos Clinic.

“It was always flat”, said 25-year-old Sora when reflecting on the appearance of her buttocks. “I’ve always wanted to do alternative tattoo modelling, but it has held me back. I have just been too nervous.”

Sora decided to do something about it and enhance her physique with a Sport’s Illustrated hybrid Beyoncé BBL. Using liposuction, fat was removed from Sora’s tummy, back and flanks.

BBL transformation

A total of 1.2L of purified fat was re-injected into each buttock cheek to create a fuller and perkier appearance. Fat was also injected into Sora’s hip to allow for natural body contouring at all angles and achieve a smooth ‘s’ shape.

You can view Sora’s BBL journey and transformation in the video below:

Sora’s BBL transformation video

As seen in the video, the results of Sora’s BBL were visible immediately. However, the true impact of BBL on Sora’s life was most evident after the post-operative massages and once the swelling subsided.

6 weeks later, Sora shares she is “obsessed” with her newly enhanced figure. “I love my results”, says Sora. “I check myself out in every mirror I see”.

Sora explains the BBL procedure has transformed her life, citing her figure now reflects how she views herself. Not only does Sora feel much more confident about herself, but she also says her shape is more balanced and now looks even better in clothes.

With testimonies like this, it’s easy to see why the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is becoming increasingly more popular.

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