When Anti Wrinkle Injections and dermal fillers first entered the market, they were hailed as the ultimate in anti-ageing technology. But since perfecting their techniques with these so called ‘miracle’ treatments, cosmetic practitioners and doctors alike have begun to find other ways to use these non-invasive injectables to create effects beyond turning back the clock.

Reshaping faces

Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections now not only plump – they reshape. In fact, for experienced and artistic injectors, these products can be used in incredible ways to totally transform and optimise the dimensions of a patients face. Here are just a few of the ways in which Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections are proving themselves as a viable alternative to more invasive surgeries.

Nose Reshaping

For patients with a prominent bump, a flat bridge, or a slight asymmetry, in the past their only option for correction was a traditional rhinoplasty. Now, however, with a few injections of Dermal Fillers, a skilled injector can raise and reshape a flat bridge. By injecting around a bump, it is even possible to disguise a hook or prominent bump in any part of the nose. In fact, it is possible to create a lift to a drooping nose tip, or even to camouflage a bulbous tip with just a few carefully placed injections.

Jaw lines

For many women and men, muscles around the jaw are overly built up or asymmetrical. This can create an overly wide or prominent jawbone, which, although a subtle difference, can throw the symmetry of an otherwise pleasant and attractive face. With a few carefully placed Anti Wrinkle injections, it now possible for an experienced injector to re-sculpt the jaw line, creating a harmonious and beautiful symmetry and proportion to the face – and without a scalpel in sight.


In the past, cheek augmentation was the sole domain of a doctor. Synthetic pads had to be surgically implanted under the skin, positioned, then sewn up again before the patient had weeks of pain, recovery time, not to mention a chance of infection and further complications. But while Fillers were always intended to ‘fill’ out cheeks, it is now being used by the most skilled injectors to literally reshape faces thanks to re-angled, raised, or beautifully re-sculpted cheek lines.


While there have always been women (and some men) who have always desired fuller, poutier lips, the only way to achieve this was either through cosmetics (lipsticks and liners), or through lip implants made of non-soluble materials like Gore-Tex. Now with just a few subtly injected millilitres of Dermal Fillers, lips can be filled, reshaped, or plumped out to create greater facial symmetry, and sexy fullness.

Do your homework

Before undergoing any of these procedures, it is important to note that not every cosmetic practitioners or doctor has the skill and experience in these injectables achieve the results you desire. Make sure you find a clinic or cosmetic practitioner with the training, experience, and understanding of aesthetic facial harmony to create the look you desire. Also, because Anti Wrinkle Injections lasts just a few months, and Dermal Fillers a year or two, you’ll want to find a professional you can go back to again to maintain your new look.