Fill in the blank… How to get rid of …… acne, fat, cellulite, that double chin, freckles, love handles, , stretch marks … we can all admit to typing into Google and trying to get a quick fix or natural remedy to some of the above mentioned  “problems”. You may even be up to your 3rd natural remedy in the cure to your body woes. Really though, you end up back at the drawing board searching for the next miracle cure, and your adamant you’re going to find it too!

So I’ve turned to Google, and found the 3 most searched “How to Get Rid of” issues relating to physical appearance to let you know what is on the market today….


For those that aren’t fortunate with picture-perfect skin, most of us are aware that acne and pimples is NOT something that just teenagers go through. Oily glands can happen to men and women well into their late 30’s. Photodynamic Therapy also known as PDT is the most effective treatment today with minimal side effects. The skin is cleaned and a solution called ALA is then applied. This is activated by a light source. This treatment is triggering the destruction of the sebaceous glands that hold the oil, as well as the destruction of the bacteria that triggers acne.

Downtime is minimal, and after -effects are red skin and sensitivity to sunlight. The length of time of the red skin depends on the strength of the ALA solution and time spent under the light.

And as an added bonus, it can also help to improve the texture, tone and complexion of your skin!


The most effective way to get rid of fat for good in a certain spot (unless you start eating three times the amount you eat now!) is liposuction. It physically removes fat cells and not just shrinks them like most non-invasive methods out there today. The latest technology, Liquid Liposuction allows you to be in for the procedure in the morning, and out walking the same afternoon.

There is no need for a general anaesthetic, and as the procedure does not use the brute force of the doctor, so bruising, swelling and recovery is much less than traditional methods. As you are also under twilight sedation, doctors can see the results of the Body Contouring straight away, allowing them to adjust anything should they need to the same day as the procedure


Today’s technology allows us to improve the texture and appearance of scars significantly with minimal risk. Scar Treatment is via use of Fractional Laser. It treats a “fraction” of the skin by creating thousands of tiny perforations, whilst leaving undamaged skin intact. These undamaged cells move into the “damaged area”, stimulating collagen regeneration and more even skin.

More recently, a new Dermal Filler is being effectively used for treatment of individual acne scars with successful results.