There is a popular myth that has existed for decades that presupposes people go into a doctor’s office and ask to look like a particular celebrities. Whether it was Nicole Kidman’s nose, or Kylie Minogue’s famous derriere, people supposedly ordered these body parts like meals at a Chinese restaurant. But whether or not this ever actually used to happen, it seems that more and more people realise that the aim of cosmetic surgery is not perfection – it is simply to enhance your natural beauty in the best way possible.

In a recent interview, Los Angeles Dr Robert Cohen noted that, “People are coming in with more realistic expectations, saying, ‘This is what I don’t like, how can you refine it so it looks like me, only a nicer version.’ In fact, it is this ‘nicer’ version that has been the aim of cosmetic technology all along. The only difference is, that now, thanks to constant innovations in cosmetic surgery it is becoming quicker, easier, less expensive, and less painful than ever to achieve this ‘nicer version’ of ourselves than ever before.

 New Technology

So just what are the technologies that are creating outstanding results without the same cost, recovery time or risk as older more traditional plastic surgery procedures. Well, just a couple of the areas where the some of the greatest advances have been made include Dermal Fillers and Liposuction.

Dermal Fillers

For most people who want to enhance an area of their face, whether it be their nose, forehead, eyes, cheeks or lips, in the past altering these areas would almost always mean some form of surgery. Luckily however, since the advent of dermal fillers, there are a now a plethora of ways to enhance, fill out, lift and create greater symmetry without a scalpel in sight.Dermal fillers, created using a substance found naturally in the body, now account for a great number of facial procedures, because a skilled physician can inject this volumising technology in the right amount at the right concentration level to fill out sagging, hollow or asymmetrical cheeks, correct nasal bumps and lumps, plump and create greater symmetry in the lips. Fillers can even be used to literally ‘fill’ out deep creases, wrinkles, and lines around the nose, forehead, eyes and mouth.

If you are not happy with the results of a dermal filler procedure, the substances are easily dissolved.

Perhaps one of the less discussed advantages to dermal fillers however, is that they help stimulate the growth of your natural collagen, meaning that over time, you will need less and less, as your body acts to create the rejuvenated and youthful skin naturally.


One of the most misunderstood procedures in the cosmetic world is liposuction. Perhaps fuelled by images of celebs with botched liposuction, many people believe the procedure is totally unsafe, and not capable of producing natural results. This ‘plastic surgery disasters’ are in the tiny minority, however, and with the improvement of liposuction techniques, this minority is growing smaller by the day. One of the latest and most effective new liposuction procedures is liquid lipo. Using a highly powered and targeted water stream, this procedure literally dissolves unwanted fat cells in areas like the buttocks, thighs, tummy and hips. Because of the procedure has been designed only to target fat cells, the surrounding tissue is relatively unaffected, meaning far less downtime than ever before. In fact, most patients can return to work in just 1-3 days.

So, the next time you think about plastic surgery, remember: it’s no longer about altering your appearance, it’s about using the best technologies the world has to offer to enhance what already makes you special.