Last week we published part 1 of an interview with Dr Joseph Ajaka. Below is the final part of the interview. We hope you enjoy the read. 

Dr Oz ShareCare – as the only Australian Doctor on the panel:  what does that mean to you?

Inspiring – amazing communicator and I try more to be like that. He is open to the idea of non-conventional medicine complementing traditional.

This guy truly raises the bar for me. He’s ideas, passion, innovation, excitement makes myself as a Doctor strive to be better. After all why does medicine have to be boring? Dr Oz makes it so much fun…just watch his show on Channel Ten. He teaches people that feeling good about yourself, looking after yourself, being beautiful is not a burden but the process to getting there is exciting.

To be on that panel was a shock. I first met him in 2009 and we got along really well. Just one of those things. He loved my ideas about medicine and before you knew it, made me a panel member. Great honour.

Allergan Trainer: what does this involve and why did Allergan make you a trainer?

I started off in the industry a while go when injectables and fillers were still scary! Over the years I built a relationship with Allergan as I am a true believer in their product. At Cosmos Clinic, Allergan brand is the only form of anti wrinkle injections we use along with their fillers.  I believe they are the best products on the market today. In turn for my belief and loyalty, Allergan made me a national trainer, which involves:

  • Training other doctors around the country in the art of injecting Anti Wrinkle and fillers; and
  • Trialling new products that Allergan are planning to bring to the market. I recently attended a conference in Monte Carlo, which Allergan announced 2 new very exciting fillers…stay tuned for further detail! They will revolutionise the industry and I cant wait to bring them to Australia.

For me the Allergan role has been fantastic. It allows me to not only teach other doctors but to find other talent. I met Dr Erfan Rahbar while I was in Adelaide training a number of doctors. Out of the 40 doctors present, Dr Rahbar’s talent and artistic eye stood out so I approached him and asked if he wanted to operate his own clinic? This resulted in Cosmos Clinic Adelaide.

You appear on media quite often…is this something you enjoy?

Love it. I must admit when I was on television the first time in 2009, I was a nervous wreck…you can see if you watch some of the earlier videos on our Youtube channel. Now I’m really comfortable…as they say you learn with experience.

For me being in the media is a way to communicate to the public about the industry including new treatments, false rumours and trends. To often I find that people are not well educated about the treatments they are interested in. For example they here a silly rumour that Anti Wrinkle Injections are an unhealthy drug with side effects. Television really allows me to talk the truth and tell the other real side of the story.

Where does Dr Joseph Ajaka want to be in 5 years?

Exactly where I am. I love this work and the people. You meet, learn, build and establish relationships. Your able to assist in solving problems people can never thought imaginable.

In 5yrs, I don’t want to be at a larger clinic, nor do I want to be any larger than what we have become. I do however want to continue bringing the latest and best technology to our patients. I also want to see Cosmos go to the people. Expanding into Canberra and Adelaide has been a great achievement for not only Cosmos but also our medical directors Dr Christopher Lee and Dr Erfan Rahbar. They are truly great doctors and being able to make their dreams come true is one of my greatest achievements.

On that note, what is your greatest achievement?

My family…My beautiful son Elias and the most amazing woman Jamal. They have really made me understand what love is. They have given me a purpose in life. After a tough day, and like all I get down some times…coming home to them is truly priceless…my worries disappear. You are my inspiration.