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Planning your Summer Body with your Cosmetic Physician

With the warmer months fast approaching many people are already considering getting back into shape. But sometimes going to the gym, working out, and eating the right diet are not quite enough to get your body beach ready. But what if you only have a couple of bumps you need to lose, but don’t want […]
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Baby Boomers or Cosmetic Surgery Boomers?

Unlike the many generations before them, the Baby Boomer generation is one famous for refusing to grow old. Knowing this, is it little surprise that they have recently started creating a different kind of boom – one in the cosmetic surgery industry. With so many new technological and cosmetic innovations now available to men and […]
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Plastic Surgery Tourism: What is the real cost?

With more and more Australians deciding to go under the knife, the trend of people booking into cosmetic surgery clinics overseas has also started to increase. After all, cosmetic enhancement can be painful not just physically, but also on your wallet. But just what are the risks involved in getting a breast enhancement, liposuction, or […]
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Cosmetic Surgery for a Job Interview?

A recent story has surfaced about young Korean men and women having cosmetic surgery to compete in the job market.  It seems with an unemployment rate of almost 9%, and an increasing number of qualified young people entering the work force, looks rather than qualifications, seem to be the x-factor that applicants and employers desire […]
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Cosmetic Surgery for the Wrong Reasons

While cosmetic medicine provides thousands of people every year with renewed confidence, a feeling of inner and outer beauty, and even a new lease on life, there are many people who seek surgery for the wrong reasons. For example, this week the Hindi Times reported a rise in people heading to cosmetic surgeons immediately after […]
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K-Pop Star Kim Hyun Joong admits to Rhinoplasty

This week, during an interview on Korean Television, wildly popular Korean pop singer Kim Hyun Joong admitted to having had rhinoplasty (nose job) to improve his appearance. During the interview on Korean station MBC’s show ‘Knee-Drop Guru’, host Kang Ho Dong asked Kim whether his looks were natural or the work of a surgeon, to […]
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Get Serious about Cellulite Treatment

The most harsh critic of a woman’s body is usually herself, especially for the 80 to 90% of women around the world who have cellulite in at least one area. But for a cosmetic complaint that is so widespread, you’d think someone had created an easy and foolproof solution to cellulite. There are of course […]
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The End of Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins While it is becoming more and more accepted for women to turn to a cosmetic surgeon for body contouring, through procedures like liposuction, breast reduction or cellulite treatments, there is a far more common complaint that has become a thing of the past, thanks to the latest cosmetic technology: Varicose veins. Varicose veins […]