Could there be more benefits to liposuction than an altered self image? It may sound to be an odd combination, however recent studies have shown that liposuction, indeed, may have important benefits for the health of your heart. Liposuction has always been known as a way to eliminate body fat for good, in addition to that, it has been shown that it can lower cholesterol levels.

At a recent presentation by the ASPS in Denver, patients with elevated triglyceride levels who were treated with Liposuction had significantly lower fasting triglyceride levels three months after their procedure. Levels had decreased at an average of 43%.

Triglycerides are a type of fat that are found in your blood which your body uses for energy. High levels of triglycerides however are associated with heart disease. Obesity is a main reason for high triglyceride levels.

The study analysed 322 patients of which 78% were in normal to overweight range and the remainder were obese. Liposuction and/or a Tummy Tuck were carried out on the patients.

Dr Swanson, a part of the ASPS study, was quite surprised at the results, as most of us reading this I’m sure are too! (I know I certainly am)

“It made sense that if you reduced fat mass that might reduce circulating triglycerides but I didn’t think the effect on the body’s fat scores would be enough to make a significant difference in triglycerides, a 43% percent drop in triglycerides was dramatic and surprising” – Dr Swanson

No national statistics in Australia are compiled as to how many people get Liposuction every year, however in 2010, over 200,000 Americans got rid of some of their excess fat.

“We have definitely found an increase in the number of people getting liposuction every year, particularly in men. Non-traditional areas such as neck and arms are more common too. I find that with alot of my patients, liposuction provides a kick start to a healthy lifestyle and new attitude to eating. The findings could be a culmination of this and the liposuction. Either way, the results are quite interesting” Dr Ajaka from Cosmos Aesthetics.

The studies are still in their infancy stages, however is sounding promising so far. This does not imply for obese to people to book their lipo in ASAP to reduce the risk of heart disease, a change in lifestyle in diet and exercise is always the first place to start.