This year’s health and wellness trends included infrared saunas, cult HIIT classes, tasty smoothies and vegan diets. We saw a big push towards self-care, mental health and workplace wellness. But what has the wellness industry got in store for us in 2020?

Google research and social media trends suggest there is plenty happening in the health and wellness space from virtual fitness and apps to DNA testing and CBD products. Here, we break it down to the top trends you can expect next year.

1. Virtual wellness

A growing trend to help people squeeze health and wellness activities into their busy schedules is virtual wellness programs.

Virtual wellness incorporates personalised fitness classes to allow people to train in the comfort of their own home at any time of the day. You can even enlist the help of a personal trainer online.

But it doesn’t stop at just exercise, you can find virtual wellness programs for goal setting, customised health plans, personal data tracking and nutrition support. This wellness trend is big in the United States including New York and California, particularly amongst millennials and is tipped to be just as popular in Australia next year.

2. Breathing apps

As we run on the corporate treadmills to success and juggle a neverending job list our stress and anxiety levels have risen. A big mental health trend we saw in 2019 was the rise in popularity of meditation apps designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation.

Now the interest has turned to smartphone apps designed to teach people breathing methods to calm physical and emotional stress. Apps like Prana Breath, Breathe2Relax and Breathing Zone can help calm you in a matter of minutes.

3. Keto diet

Keto diet concept. Balanced low-carb food background. Vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, nuts on a dark background.

Photo: vaaseenaa / Adobe Stock

We’ve seen countless diet trends rise and fall in 2019, but one seems set to continue to grow in 2020.

The keto diet, formerly known as the Ketogenic diet, is based on a very low carbohydrate and high fat program. By sending the body into ketosis, it encourages you to burn fat as fuel resulting in weight loss and improved metabolic health.

Many people on a keto diet have found they sleep better, have consistent energy and fewer blood sugar crashes. Keto has also been found beneficial for those with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It’s the wide range of beneficial changes to the body that’s made the keto diet a growing trend in the wellness industry.

4. CBD beauty products

The international beauty and wellness industries have seen a huge rise in sales of CBD (cannabidiol) products from skincare and muscle rubs to anti-inflammatory energy bars. Both big premium brands and boutique companies are jumping on the CBD train as more countries legalise the ingredient. You may even soon be lining up at your local cafe to receive a takeaway coffee infused with CBD oil!

It’s largely the anti-inflammatory properties cannabinoid, the natural active substance derived from hemp or cannabis plant, that has drawn attention from consumers. There is growing research to suggest CBD may be beneficial in treating anxiety, depression, sleep issues, migraines, joint pain and chronic skin conditions such as acne.

5. Meditation classes

fitness, yoga and healthy lifestyle concept - group of people meditating in lotus pose at studio

Photo: Syda Productions / Adobe Stock

No longer are meditation classes reserved for the alternative wellness or hippy realm. Meditation classes are becoming mainstream with many gyms, yoga studios and wellness centres offering them as a standalone class.

These classes are marketed as workouts for the soul and put mental health and wellbeing at the forefront over sweaty, high-intensity sessions. Studios prioritising soulful workouts in 2020 are also expected to extend their wellness programs to include offerings such as ayurvedic massage, breathing classes and floatation tanks.

6. Hybrid yoga classes

Move over goat yoga, hybrid yoga is set to be a new trend in 2020 as more health and wellness fanatics want to maximise their workouts.

Hybrid yoga, an import from the United States, combines two different exercises to increase the workout benefits. While it may not be an approved version of yoga by traditional yogis, the rise in popularity tells us hybrid yoga is attracting a whole new audience.

HIIT Yoga, Yoga Attack, Corepower Yoga are just some of the classes offered by start-ups and long term leaders of the wellness and fitness industry. And soon to hit the Australian market is ROGA – a combination of running and yoga.

7. DNA & Microbiome testing

Advances in technology have to lead to more accessible, innovative and affordable testing including that of our DNA and microbiome. This is paving the way for biohacking wellness trends as more consumer’s want to understand the complex relationships between our genes, bacteria, health, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

This year, we’ve started to see these testing products become more available in Australia, yet in the UK they are taking it one step further with dedicated biohacking clinics popping up everywhere. We’re expecting this wellness trend to become mainstream here in Australia offering individuals customised diet, exercise, supplement and lifestyle based on their individual health markers.