For many people, a morning caffeine hit is an essential part of their daily routines. However, the most recent coffee-related news doesn’t get handed to you by your local barista. The latest development in coffee products is a green coffee extract and if we listen to Dr Oz (which we all do!); is being touted as a waste loss supplement that really works.

With an average weight loss of around 8kgs in 22 weeks achieved in clinical trials, Green Coffee Bean Extract contains a chemical known as Chlorogenic Acid or CGA. This chemical has been touted as the ingredient that can speed up fat burning capabilities as well as reducing hypertension and limiting glucose absorption. With an average weight loss of 10.5% of a subject’s body weight, these astonishing results impressed not only me but one of my personal medical mentors Dr Oz.


Spurred on by the glowing endorsements of Dr Oz as a “weight loss pill that really works” I decided to investigate the findings in more detail when I came across a video blog by the Hodge Twins.

In this profanity-laced, drawn-out diatribe, I managed to extract the key message which was that

“Dr Oz means well but is wrong, there is no pill to help you lose weight and that diet and exercise is the only way to drop pounds.”

Common sense

I agree that a good diet and plenty of exercise is an essential component in maintaining an ideal weight and staying healthy. But as for the rest of the Hodge Twins comments? Well I’m calling them out. Green Coffee Extract offers such remarkable results that it is impossible to ignore its relevance as a weight loss aid. When used in conjunction with your current exercise and diet plan taking Green Coffee Extract has the scientific ability to deliver further weight loss.

These pills and powders are certainly not the sole answer to losing weight nor an alternative to a healthy life. But they can absolutely be used in combination with a good diet and exercise to accelerate weight loss and get you fit back into your “skinny jeans.”