Keeping healthy prior to your liposuction procedure can assist in a speedy recovery.

Every day around the world, liposuction is used as an effective way to remove fat that won’t budge no matter how much you diet or exercise. But if you have booked for a procedure or are planning liposuction in the near future don’t pack away your gym clothes just yet. Studies have shown that maintaining or even improving your fitness in the lead up to your surgery should be just as important as the actual procedure. A patient’s fitness level can reduce the length of recovery time post liposuction by up to 50%! 

A patient’s fitness level can reduce the length of recovery time post liposuction by up to 50%!

Personal fitness will improve your body’s ability to withstand surgery by strengthening the lungs, heart and skeletal structure. When Duke University Center studied one million Americans they determined that patients with lower fitness levels, suffered significantly more post-surgical complications. Furthermore, patients with obesity had the lowest fitness levels and were the most likely patients to require additional post-operative care. Over in the UK, the University College London Hospital has also stressed the importance of fitness levels in the lead up to surgery. The hospital released a report recommending that increasing fitness and nutrition in the lead up to surgery will contribute enormously and result in faster recovery times for patients.

kid studyingSo what can you do if you are considering or about to have liposuction and want to optimise your recovery?

Experts advise to start shaping up for your liposuction around three months prior to surgery. If your procedure date is closer than three months that doesn’t mean you are excused because anything is better than nothing! Improving cardiovascular fitness, eating better, reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking will all impact on how your body handles the demands of healing after liposuction.

Making a few simple changes to your lifestyle will not only speed up the time it takes you to recover, but can also lower your risk of complications such as infection and reduce the amount of pain relief you require after surgery! So no matter how close or far your liposuction procedure may be, listen to the experts, dust off your runners and get outside because a bit fitness is going to do wonders for your well-being.