It seems that the problems of women a quarter of a century ago about their body image are still as much alive today. In the 1984 Glamour survey, 75% of women thought that they were too fat and more than 60% said that they were dissatisfied with or ashamed of their stomach, hips and thighs. The results aren’t that dissimilar today. And with the changing role models today than the fuller figured 1980’s women, it is surprising that this figure hasn’t increased.

Of the women today that worry about their body image, around 70% of these thought that life would improve if they had “better bodies”. From this study, women hated most their “thunder” thighs the most (87%), while the next hot spot was their waist. (79%)

When it comes to what causes negative feelings in a person, gaining weight is high on the list. Given the busy life of the typical Australian today, it can be hard to commit to a healthy eating plan or regularly visit the gym to get rid of the weight. Even sometimes diet and exercise can’t shift those stubborn areas of fat.

Today’s options in Body Contouring are quite considerable. There are both invasive and non-invasive techniques and the path followed will depend on the type of procedure, results, downtime, and costs. For relatively simple procedures, they can provide you with the kick-start you need to regaining a positive body image and maintaining it.

For Non-Invasive techniques, Coolscultping has seen some amazing results. It works well for areas that can be “grabbed” and effectively freezes fat cells to a temperature where they are destroyed.

For an invasive procedure, the top on the list is Liquid Liposuction. This is a gentle technique performed under a light sedation, which uses warm water to help break down fat cells before removing them for good.

“At their 6-week follow-up, both men and women say they wish they had done the procedure sooner. The energy they had spent agonising and worrying about their weight all those years had been wasted” – Dr Joseph Ajaka

It is important to remember that body image is much more than your physical appearance and beauty.  It is how we represent ourselves, including our perceptions, feelings and beliefs. A strong body image both physically and mentally will provide the strongest mechanism for a happy and healthy life.

Remember though, a good hair day will go a long way as well as a great pair of killer heels!