Most of us have genes we’ve inherited that we’re proud of, as well as genes we’d gladly exchange. But whether it’s prominent ears, an overly large nose, bad skin, or hair in places we’d rather not deal with it, luckily, there are more and more genetic traits you can erase with simple cosmetic procedures.

Ears Today, Gone Tomorrow

Ears have always been a subtle yet important part of facial beauty. In fact many women and men adorn them with jewellery. And yet for many, their ears can be a source of embarrassment along with feelings of self-consciousness.

Bat Ears

A number of people suffer from prominent earlobes, other wise known as ‘bat ears.’ Because human ears are near full development by age 4, children often grow up with taunts about their prominent lobes. But although they often become a sensitive issue, there is a simple procedure that can quickly and easily correct them.


Otoplasty is the medical term for ear augmentation. For most suffers of ‘bat ears’, a simple operation can correct the problem. During this procedure, a couple of tiny incisions are made, allowing a qualified doctor to reposition the ears permanently in a more aesthetically pleasing position.


But aside from prominent ears, there is another are of the face that causes a great deal of anxiety for young people. After all, while there are cultures where having a prominent nose is considered highly desirable, for many Australians their nose is a source of feelings of self-consciousness. Luckily, there are now both surgical and non-surgical solutions for creating the nose you desire

Non-Surgical Nose Solutions

For those who are more or less happy with their nose, but have just a few lumps, bumps or angles they’d like to minimise or iron out, there have been incredible advances in the world of dermal fillers. Products like Dermal Fillers, injected with experienced hands, can minimise a bump in the nose, raise a flat bridge, camouflage a slight hook, or add a more pleasant and symmetrical contour to many noses.

The best news is, there are no scalpels involved, no general anaesthetic and only minimal swelling. In fact, it takes under an hour, after which you can simply get on with your day.


For those with more prominent nasal asymmetry, lumps and bumps, or perhaps a nose that is out of proportion with the rest of their face, sometimes undergoing a traditional rhinoplasty (nose job) can be an excellent solution.

Rhinoplasty can also help with the width of your nose, prominent dips, a nasal tip that is bulbous or overly large, a nose that has the appearance of ‘drooping’ or is too upturned, and nostrils that are overly wide upturned or large.

While the cost of rhinoplasty is more than that of a simple filler correction, and the recovery time is longer, the results are permanent.


For many of us, excess body hair can be a source of embarrassment, not to mention a cause of low self-esteem. Additionally, taming unwanted patches of hair can be both time-consuming and costly. But while most of us have heard of laser hair removal, many of us are still hesitant to undergo the procedure.

What you need to know

When choosing a laser clinic find one that has either trained medical doctors or affiliation and supervision by medical doctors. This will ensure any laser apparatus is being used correctly, safely and professionally. Once you have found a treatment clinic, it is possible to achieve almost 100% permanent hair removal, so long as you undergo follow up treatments at the correct intervals. Over time, the laser treatments will eradicate the roots of your unwanted hair, leaving you almost completely permanently hair free.

Body Fat

For many, unsightly lumps and bumps on their body are an accepted part of daily life. After all, they are often inherited in the same way that a certain kind of nose or ears are. Luckily, however there are many ways to permanently reduce or eliminate unsightly love handles and paunches, from traditional liposuction to laser lipo and a new fat freeze process called Coolsculpting by a company called Zeltiq. Before undergoing any procedure, however, make sure you do your research to ensure maximum results with minimum discomfort.