Both moles and freckles are pigmentations on the skin and both can be caused by overexposure to the sun, however there are many differences too, between moles and freckles.

Moles are common benign growths on the surface of the skin that are colored either pink, red, brown or black. They can be raised or flat and are typically round or oval in shape. A mole may not appear at birth, but can appear as we get older. They can change size and shape over time and some can even sprout hairs.

Freckles are spots on our skin that are flat and darker than our natural skin color. They generally become more prominent after sun exposure and may fade through the winter months. They can appear at a very early age and are due to an increase in melanin (the source of pigment) levels in our skin.

While moles and/or freckles appear on almost everyone, not everyone enjoys having them. Mole removal and freckle removal are both possible with the latest in laser technology. Whats great is that treatment is easy, quick, safe and effective.

The Erbium Laser is used for mole removal.  The use of the laser effectively “shaves off” the mole. The light acts as a sealant as the cells are vaporized and as a result controls any bleeding. A scab forms which then falls off in about a week and the raised mole is disappeared with no scarring.

See below to watch a mole removal being performed.

To remove the pigment of the mole, the procedure is like the freckle removal treatment.

Freckle removal is performed using the BBL laser. BBL stands for Broad Band Light and during treatment this light is drawn to the pigment and fragments the unwanted pigment cells without damaging the surrounding area. The pigment is brought to the surface of the skin, scabs and falls of in approximately a week with no signs of scarring.

It is no longer necessary to live with unwanted moles and freckles. These highly effective treatments are both safe and affordable. They leave no scars and are gentle enough even for the face