Dermal Fillers are among the top non-surgical treatment offered at our Adelaide Cosmos Clinic due to the numerous benefits. Other popular procedures that don’t require going under the knife include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, non-surgical nose jobs and CoolSculpting.

These cosmetic procedures all have something in common and that’s rejuvenation without the involvement of invasive surgery and higher side effect risk. But do they come with similar benefits? Can they correct or enhance your problem areas?

In this article, we focus in on the benefits of dermal fillers offered at our Cosmos Clinics Australia-wide including Adelaide. Depending on your individual concerns, injectable dermal fillers may save you from surgery and lengthy downtime.

Treatment benefits of dermal fillers

1. Restoration of volume loss

One of the key benefits of dermal filler injectables is its ability to restore volume loss. Volume loss can occur due to aging, overexposure to the sun, poor skincare or simply due to genetics. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are a natural complex sugar substance that binds to water. When injected under the skin, it fills the space adding volume to the treated areas. The gel-like substance also hydrates the skin tissue encouraging skin rejuvenation and stimulates the production of collagen making it more elastic and flexible. This helps to restore your youthful appearance and in managing the visible signs of aging.

2. Reshape facial features without surgery

The thought of invasive plastic surgery can be daunting with the need for an anaesthetic, incisions, bruising and long recovery times. To have the option of reshaping problem areas without needing to go under the knife is appealing to many. Dermal fillers can be used to reshape certain areas of the face. This may be defining the cheekbones or jawline. Perhaps filling in the dip in your nose or improving general facial contours.

While Dermal Filler injections aren’t permanent lasting from 6 months to two years, they can enhance your natural features immediately. Maintenance injectable treatments in the future can help to sustain the results.

3. Walk-in, walk-out cosmetic procedure

A great appeal of cosmetic injectables is the ability to improve your appearance quickly. The dermal filler treatment is a walk-in, walk-out procedure that can be finished in as little as 30 minutes. Some of our clients visit our Adelaide clinic in their lunch break, returning to work after the injectable treatment. There may be some slight redness, bruising and tenderness, however, often not enough for even your closet colleagues to notice.

4. Natural results

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers provide natural-looking results when compared to other cosmetic treatments. If you’re considering a lip enhancement for added volume, for example, dermal fillers will result in a far more natural aesthetic than permanent lip fillers. Likewise, the results of a dermal filler facelift to improve sagging and smooth out fine lines will be more subtle, yet effective, when compared to a surgical facelift.

5. Affordable

The upfront cost of dermal fillers is more affordable than cosmetic or plastic surgery making it a more appealing option for many. Prices of the treatment start from $350.00 depending on the extent of your fillers and the treated areas. You will be required to attend an initial consultation which is between $120 – $150, however, redeemable upon treatment. Just remember, when you are considering the cost of dermal filler vs surgery (if an option), you will need to factor in future top-up treatments if you wish to maintain the results long term.