IMATS, the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show was held in Sydney a few weekends ago.  I am an avid fan of makeup and all things beauty, and what got my attention the most (apart from the latest mascara wand product that attaches natural fibres to the lengths of your eyelashes, creating long lashes instantly and much more cost effective than eyelash extensions.. wow!) was a Napoleon Perdis speaker on using make-up for face contouring. It was a new concept to me, however made sense given makeup can provide depth and dimension to your face when applied correctly.

It got me thinking as to the areas nowadays that are treated with Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers for longer lasting results for face contouring.

Lets start with eyebrows and work our way down. A prominent arch in a woman adds visual definition to eyebrows and can enhance overall facial appearance. Anti Wrinkle Injections provide a “lift” to the middle and outer brows, most common for women, who through the ageing process have sagging eyebrows

Next, Cheek Augmentation.  The illusion of high cheek bones can be achieved. Hollow cheekbones through ageing or excessive weight loss can also be filled with the use of a dermal filler. The great thing is the product is a naturally occurring product in the body and can last from 9 months to a year and a half.

Non-Surgical Nose reshaping: Fillers can be used for minor irregularities of the nose. It has been used to successfully reshape a flat bridge, camouflage a hook or bump, provide balance to the size of the nose and the rest of the face and  relaxing sharp angles

Jaw Reshaping: Square jaws and wide jaw lines can be visually reduced by weakening the Massertes (Aka chewing muscles). This is done through the use of Anti Wrinkle Injections. Like other muscles in our bodies, massertes can become stronger and is actually prone to overdevelopment. Anti Wrinkle Injections work by relaxing the muscle. As the muscle becomes underused, it reduces in size. Results can last from 6 months to a year.

For any face contouring, make sure you see a trained professional.