Liposuction is not about creating a slimmer body; it’s about creating the best body with what you have.

The decision to undertake liposuction represents a significant investment from both a financial as well as recovery point of view. It is hence important to understand what liposuction is able to achieve and how it compares to your expectations. Below we have tried to address a number of common questions raised by our patients:

Liposuction will help me lose weight

This will come as a surprise, however fat is a very light substance. It actually weighs less than water. Because fat is light, removing fat pockets should not be viewed as a weight loss alternative.  The goal of Liposuction is to help you achieve a slimmer silhouette. Its not a substitute for weight loss.

The fat will move to another body part

Fat removed by liposuction is gone and, assuming a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise, will not return or migrate to another area.

My breasts will get bigger

Removing fat pockets from your body will not increase your breast size.  You may notice, however, that your slimmer silhouette provides your breasts a new emphasis. For men that suffer from “man boobs”, this can be easily treated by liposuction.

I can eat whatever I want and never get fat in this part

It is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise.  Studies identify that a patients post-operative shape is relatively permanent so subsequent weight gain or loss will tend to be proportionately distributed over your entire body.  Because some body fat is necessary for the sake of your health, fatty tissue that remains after liposuction will still expand if you gain weight. For the full study please click here.

Also, please remember that having a liposuction procedure will not prevent body changes that are part of the normal ageing process.