Have you been keeping track of the new Cosmos Clinic mini-series: BOTCHED to BOOTY-FUL?

Episode 3 is now live over on IGTV!

BOTCHED to BOOTY-FUL: A Cosmos Mini-series

To recap, the mini-series follows 26-year-old New Zealand model Sarah Harris on her cosmetic surgery journey. Sarah contacted Cosmos Clinic after living with visible indentations in her abdomen thanks to a previous botched liposuction procedure.

Not only did this leave Sarah feeling uncomfortable about her own body, but the unevenness of her abdomen also affected her career as a swimwear model.

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Sarah and the team at Cosmos Clinic planned for her to undergo corrective cosmetic surgery to rectify the mistakes made in the previous surgery. This included Vaser Liposuction around her abdomen to create a smoother contoured appearance. Whilst Sarah was to undergo this procedure, she opted for a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (BBL) to enhance the size and shape of her derriere.

Episode One

In episode one of the BOTCHED to BOOTY-FUL mini-series, Sarah speaks honestly about her reasons for corrective cosmetic surgery and the problematic results of her previous treatment.

Botched to Bootyful

Sarah provides us with an exclusive look into her pre-surgery consult where she receives her compression garment and prescription and discusses any additional questions before the Vaser Liposuction and BBL treatments.

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Episode Two

In episode two, Sarah allows viewers exclusive access into the theatre room where she is prepared for her Vaser Liposuction and BBL cosmetic surgery. Watch as the treated areas of Sarah’s body are marked up by Dr Joseph Ajaka and Dr Mitchell Kim.

Botched to Bootyful

You’ll see the cosmetic surgeons in action as they proceed to correct the unsightly indentations, sculpt her shape and enhance the size of her buttocks.

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A look at Sarah’s post-operative results

In the third episode of BOTCHED to BOOTY-FUL mini-series, we see the initial results of Sarah’s cosmetic surgery including the swelling and bruising.

Watch as Sarah attends her lymphatic drainage massage consultation which is designed to help reduce the swelling and to speed up the recovery. Attending the scheduled massage appointments is essential for the overall results. The final results of Sarah’s cosmetic surgery treatment will be more evident 6 weeks post-surgery.

Botched to Bootyful

Fast forward 6 weeks, and you’ll meet up with Sarah as she enjoys a well-deserved holiday on the tropical island of Bora Bora. As you’ll see, the model is thrilled with her results and has gained more confidence, feeling comfortable in her own skin again. Sarah is also excited to be able to start modelling swimwear again without worrying about covering up her indentations.

We’re incredibly grateful Sarah allowed the cameras into what is an incredibly personal journey. As with all our before and afters, the experience and results will depend on the cosmetic treatments undertaken, the individual’s body shape and goals, and the way their body responds. The BOTCHED to BOOTY-FUL mini-series does, however, provide viewers with a great insight into the cosmetic surgery process.