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Belkyra vs CoolMini – Which Treatment is Best for Double Chins?


Dreading having your photo taken because of your double chin?

Strategically positioning the camera and pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth only slightly improves your jawline in a single moment of time. It’s no wonder there is a growing number of people searching for non-surgical techniques to get rid of their double chin once and for all.

Two of the most effective treatments to eliminate excess fat under the chin are Belkyra, otherwise known as Kybella, and CoolSculpting Mini. These two cosmetic procedures are non-invasive, relatively pain-free, require little downtime and are successful at providing a more defined jawline. But which do you choose?

Both procedures have their benefits and possible side effects. Read on to gain an understanding of Belkyra and CoolMini treatments to see which might be the right one for you.

What you can expect from a Belkyra treatment?

Belkyra is an innovative treatment designed to destroy fat. It’s made from a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring chemical in the body that aids the breakdown and metabolism of fat cells.

A series of small Belkyra injections are administrated into the targeted area, rupturing the fat cell’s outer membrane. The fat cells die before they’re metabolised and naturally eliminated from the body. As a result, the submental fat is reduced overtime leaving a more defined jawline. Belkyra also stimulates the production of the body’s collagen which can provide the skin with a supple, firm appearance.

The number of Belkyra vials required depends on the amount of submental fat in the targeted area. Patients require multiple sessions of Belkyra to achieve desired results, each of which typically lasts 10-20 minutes. The treatment is relatively pain-free, with patient’s experiencing some discomfort with each injection similar to that of a bee sting. Most patients well experience a 50 percent reduction in fat after just two sessions. After four sessions, patients can expect a 70 percent reduction and after six sessions most of the excess fat will be gone.

What you can expect from a CoolMini treatment?

CoolMini is a form of CoolSculpting designed for smaller pockets of fat including the submental fat under the chin. Low temperatures controlled by the contouring device cause the fat cells to crystallise, resulting in their death. The fat cells are broken down and metabolised naturally in the body overtime.

A CoolMini treatment typically lasts for 45 minutes where the device will be held under the patient’s chin and the cooling begins once its activated. The procedure is pain-free; however, patient’s may experience some slight discomfort initially due to the cold, which passes after a couple of minutes. While receiving the treatment, patients are able to sit back in comfort reading or catching up their social media.

Typically, patients will require more than one CoolMini session to achieve the desired results. As the fat is expelled from the body over the weeks following the treatment, the jawline will become more defined and the fat loss more noticeable.

Which treatment is more effective?

Both Belkyra and CoolMini are innovative treatments designed to remove small pockets of fat which are naturally metabolised by the body.

A single treatment of Belkyra will typically result in a 10 percent reduction in submental fat. This will increase to 25 percent if the patient undergoes follow-up sessions. As Belkyra is injected under the skin, it allows for cosmetic surgeons to be very precise and target specific areas of fat. This provides a much more individually tailored result of a more defined jawline, improved angle of the neck and firmer skin.

A single treatment of CoolMini has be shown to reduce submental fat by 20-25 percent and the results are extremely long lasting. Patients may require more than one treatment, however it’s often less than those required for Belkyra. As the CoolMini treatment uses a device to target the fat cell, it’s less precise and may not address the tiny pockets in the patient’s neck.

Patient’s may achieve more impressive results by combining the two procedures. It’s recommended some patients undergo a CoolMini procedure, followed by Belkyra one week later to refine the targeted area and achieve further enhancements.

Are there any side effects?

Both Belkyra and CoolMini are considered extremely safe when administered properly by a skilled cosmetic surgeon. The most common side effects experienced in either treatment are mild bruising and swelling, slight soreness, and general redness of the treated area. These side effects generally subside within a week.

Belkyra can cause some temporary hardness and lumpiness in the targeted area beneath the skin lasting up to a few weeks. Although very rare, nerve damage can occur as a result of Belkyra injections being incorrectly administrated.

Am I the ideal candidate?

Men and women with small to substantial amounts of submental fat under their chins can benefit from both Belkyra and CoolMini treatments. People with smaller chins may be better suited to Belkyra as the CoolMini device may not fit correctly beneath their neck. Those with a thyroid disorder, have experienced bleeding or clotting or have swollen lymph glands may not be the ideal candidates for Belkyra.

The best candidates for both treatments are those who are in good health and are nearing their ideal body weight.

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