For decades many have speculated that spending a lot of time in the sun seems to have a curative effect on acne and other skin conditions. But just how accurate is this theory, and, if it is true, with the dangers of skin cancer and rapid ageing due to the harmful UV rays associated with the sun, is it worth the risk?

Well, there is a new technology that has not only proven that the suns rays help acne, it has also managed to eliminate the harmful side effects that come from unprotected exposure to UV.

Photo Dynamic Therapy

Photo Dynamic Therapy, or PDT, is a technology that, instead of using harsh chemicals to destroy the acne process, instead replicates the skin’s natural processes. Whether young or old, PDT is an acne treatment that works to improve your skin in the same way that a day lying on the beach does – just without the harmful cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays.

The Treatment

When undergoing a PTD acne treatment, your skin is first cleaned using acetone, then ALA, a by-product of bacteria naturally found in your skin, is added. A light source, directed at the skin for 20 minutes then activates the ALA in a process that not only kills the bacteria naturally, but also helps to destroy the offending oil glands permanently. This means that the process not clears acne naturally – after just a couple of treatments, it also clears it up permanently.

While some patients improve dramatically after just one PDT treatment, 90% of patients improve after just three treatments. Even better, they improve without any harmful side effects.

Skin care after your acne treatment

One of the main reasons that PDT is preferable to actual sun exposure is that UVA rays are the main causes of premature skin ageing. Whatever the condition of your skin, it is important to always wear a sunscreen with physical blockers. These sunscreens usually contain Zinc Oxide and or Titanium Dioxide and protect against both the ageing UVA rays, but also the potentially cancer-causing UVB rays.

Vitamin A creams 

While protecting your skin from the factors that cause ageing is important, what about your body’s own natural ageing process?  Well, when it comes to skin, the loss and slow degradation of your natural collagen is the biggest factor in the ageing process. That’s way creams known as retinoids – which stimulate collagen production naturally – can be incredibly effective in maintaining your skin’s natural healthy glow and elasticity. That’s the good new, the great news is that these retinoids, which include prescription medications like Retin-A, Stieva A and Retrieve as well as over-the-counter options like Retinaldehyde, Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate are all available at a fraction of the costs of those expensive Department store miracle creams. Simply applied nightly (they are incredibly photosensitive so don’t wear them in the sun), these retinoids stimulate the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, effectively ‘plumping’ the skin while improving fine lines, wrinkles, and even dermatological concerns like pigmentation, brown spots, not to mention acne.

Whatever works for your acne, make sure you always maintain a healthy skin regimen. After all, as you age, you’ll be glad you stuck to it.