Anti Wrinkle Injections Cost

The cost of Anti Wrinkle Injections is influenced by various factors and can be administered to suit many budgets

The biggest factor in determining the cost of Anti Wrinkle Injections is how many units are administered. The number of units is influenced by what area is being treated, the strength of the muscles and also the depth of wrinkles. Bigger muscles require more Anti Wrinkle Injections to be administered while smaller muscles require less. Men will generally require more given they have usually have stronger muscles than women.

What is the costs of Anti Wrinkle Injections?

As a rough guide on the most commonly treated areas:

  • Forehead:   $165-$200
  • Brow Lift:   $165-$200
  • Around the Eyes:   $250-$400
  • Frown:   $250-$400
  • Under the Eyes:   $100
  • Gummy Smile:   $120
  • Masseters:   $750-$800
  • Chin:   $100-$200
  • Neck Bands/Jowls:   $400-$800
  • Calves:   $2,000-$3,000
  • Excessive Sweating:   $1,100-$1,500


Anti Wrinkle Injections and who can do them?

The training and expertise of the physician administering the Anti Wrinkle Injections will heavily impact the price also. Properly trained and qualified doctors and nurses have spent considerable time learning new techniques and staying up to date on the latest innovations. This benefits you by ensuring you are receiving the best treatment possible and looking great. Furthermore, we only used Anti Wrinkle Injections produced by Allergan, the world leaders in medical aesthetics.

Dr Ajaka is fortunate to be one of 20 national trainers for Allergan, the company that produces Anti Wrinkle Injections. He regularly holds workshops, and attends various conferences around the world, keeping up to date in the latest techniques. This knowledge is further transferred to the staff at our clinic at regular training sessions, ensuring that doctors and nurses at Cosmos Clinic are more than adequately trained in administering Anti Wrinkle Injections safely and accurately.

How do I book myself in?

Your initial Anti Wrinkle Injections consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Sydney Canberra, Adelaide or the Gold Coast.

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