Breast Enlargement

The following steps are taken to perform a Breast Enlargement with implants:

  • Your final choice of implants is discussed with the surgeon;
  • The breast enlargement is performed under a deep anaesthetic where you will not feel or remember the procedure. The procedure will take 1-2 hours but it will feel like 5 minutes;
  • The breast is numbed with a numbing solution;
  • A cut is made either under the breast in the crease, under the armpit or through the nipple. At Cosmos clinic we make an incision under the breast because it results in greater symmetry and makes the breast sit more naturally;
  • The surgeon will then create a pocket either above or below the muscle in which the breast enlargement implant will sit. This is done with a diathermy (a probe that cuts through tissue while stopping the bleeding);
  • The implant is placed into a antiseptic solution before being inserted into the pocket;
  • The surgeon will manipulate the implant to ensure that it sits right. He/she may need to take out the implant and put it back in again to ensure the most natural looking results;
  • The area is closed with dissolvable sutures;
  • A support bra is applied for 6 weeks.

After the operation you will be given pain relief medication for the first week with the most discomfort occurring in the first 2 days. Light activities can be resumed a week the breast enlargement and the commencement of strenuous activities can be resumed after one month. Massaging the breast regularly for about 5 minutes per day will help soften the breast and reduce the risk of scar tissue formation around the breast (capsular contraction).

The most common risks involved with breast enlargement surgery are capsular contraction 5% (hard scar tissue around the implant) , infection<1%, haematoma 1% (a blood collection), delayed healing of the wound and shifting of the implant. If one of these complications does occur it may require the replacement of the implant.

Breast implants are still the most effective and safest way of enlarging the breast. Breast enlargement with an experienced doctor and the latest innovations and techniques from the team at Cosmos Clinic will help you realise your dream of a better you and will indeed improve your quality of life.

In Summary

Breast Enlargement can provide some excellent benefits in terms of your physical health and self-worth as well as your emotional well being  You should ensure that you fully understand the procedure and ask lots of questions whilst you are deciding whether this is the right solution for you. It is a significant medical procedure performed by expert Plastic Surgeons under a deep sedation in a surgical environment. Recovery can take some time and you should plan for this. There are some risks to consider and you should also understand that results can very from patient to patient based on a range of factors. Finally, the decision should be yours and yours only however, having made the right decision for you, you will be on the path to joining the hundreds of women who undergo Breast Enlargement Surgery every year and who are delighted with the results.